Introduction of "FUSION 7"

The Fusion 7 Cultural Center Company Limited is a multi-services organization and was established in 2005. The main role is a consultant, a facilitator and a conduit among cultures, peoples, and even between Hong Kong, Mainland China and other places. We provide a series of interactive program between different cultures and among schools. We act as consultant to provide ideas and itineraries, work as facilitator to help utilize the functions and exist as conduit among different races and age groups, organizations and associations.

We had operated various programs for schools and associations in past few years. All you do is to set up a theme for the activity and internal arrangement, we would do the rest procedures, such as tailor-made itinerary which coincide your need, including of coach, meals, accommodations and tour guide service. Keeping the best services is our vital tasks.

Experience is valuable!

  • We offer extra-ordinary programs and tours
  • We provide high quality with quantity
  • We offer in-out bound programs. For out-bound , such as experiences in military force , farm life in Mainland China, visit to corporate areas and factories, visit to universities and schools, different cultures tour to Taiwan any other places.
    For in-bound, we offer local west meets east cultures, visit to local enterprises, local eco and historical relic tour and nearby places at Macau as well.
  • We provide tailor-made services to meet specific requirements
  • We offer reasonable price, insurance and never overcharge.
Mission of FUSION 7
Being a conduit, establishing a platform to serving the community